Uncategorized October 10, 2022

Top 10 Reasons To Live in Sarasota

Number 1. World-class beaches.

Sarasota has gorgeous beaches. The most popular beach is Siesta  Key Beach in Siesta Key. It has been named number 2 in the US and number 14 in the world by 2022 Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Awards. But there are also many other beautiful beaches in Sarasota including Turtle Beach and Lido Beach which are less crowded.


Number 2: Lifestyle Galore

Close proximity to the beach, golfing, arts and theater, nature, and downtown Sarasota


Number 3. Ample outdoor activities year-round.

Sarasota is great for biking, hiking, golfing, water sports and so much more.


Number 4. Year-round warm weather.

Every season in Sarasota allows for year-round enjoyment of the outdoors. Sarasota offers mild winters and warm temperatures year-round.

The average temperature is 83 degrees with an average high of 90 degrees in the summer and 71 in the winter. The coldest it typically gets is in the low 50s.


Number 4. Central location in Florida.

Sarasota is centrally located in Florida. It is within driving distance of many other travel destinations, such as Saint Petersburg, Tampa, Fort Myers, Orlando, and Miami. Also, partially due to its location, Sarasota has not been in a bull’s-eye for any major hurricanes in Florida since weather records were kept.


Number 5. Sarasota is a cultural haven.

It is the heart of southwest Florida’s cultural coast. A community rich with theater, museums, galleries, and concerts. The Van Wezel performing arts hall is perhaps the landmark for the cultural community

here drawing talents from all over the world. However, Van Wezel is only one of many performance theaters including Florida Studio Theater and the Urbanite Theater.


Number 6. Dining and Shopping.

Sarasota has great dining and shopping choices that are located in downtown St. Armond’s Circle and the University Town Center.

The dining options test the limits of culinary creativity. You can enjoy sidewalk cafes, top-notch restaurants, and really everything in between.


Number 7. Top schools in the country.

Sarasota county is home to a number of outstanding schools. Pine View is a public elementary and secondary school for grades 2 to 12. Pine View is rated by many outside national and state-ranking

organizations as one of the top schools in the US. Specifically, Pine View High School is considered the number 2 high school in Florida and number 24 in the country according to US News.

The Pine View elementary school has been voted as the best public elementary school in the country per niche.com. Now, for those college students interested in the arts, Sarasota’s Ringling

College of Art and Design is a top art school in the US. Their animation program in particular was voted the best in the world per the Rookies, an incredible achievement.


Number 8. No state income tax.

Florida is one of seven states that has no state income tax. You get to keep more of your income living in Sarasota while not sacrificing the quality of life and public

service. Florida instead earns its money from the tourist who vacation in our state each year.


Number 9 – Airport

Sarasota has an international airport that offers convenience and great service.


Number 10. Awards validate Sarasota as a top choice.

Accolades validate Sarasota as a top place to live. Sarasota was awarded the best place to live in FL and best place to retire in Florida by US News. TripAdvisor declared Siesta Key Beach the #2 beach in the US.